Tuesday, 15 October 2013

2007 ARCHIVE ~ Colchester Shop Set-Up

After many years of wanting to have its own Evolution Shop, in 2007 Colchester finally got one. The trend in recent years in most of our shops has been towards mixed teams of Buddhists and Non-Buddhists. Colchester was our first shop for many years that started life being run by a completely Buddhist Team. Most of whom were involved in some way with the shop set up before its opening. Here is a selection of photographs of that set up in progress.   

Thursday, 10 October 2013

2013 ARCHIVE ~ New Trade Show Stands

After a months of design, consideration and construction our new Trade Show Stands were given their trial run at the NEC in February. A few major teething problems did subsequently require further work and creativity.

2012 ARCHIVE ~ 2nd Annual Men's Camping Retreat

For the second year running the redoubtable men of Windhorse got together for a weekend of Buddha, Dharma and Sangha under canvas. Looks like they had fun too!

2012 ARCHIVE ~ New Van

After clocking up hundreds and hundreds of miles, our Sales Vans have to be retired and replaced. Quite often this is also an opportunity to consider improvements to the internal layout and conditions within the vans. So fitting them out is given a lot of attention. Here's our newest acquisition.


2012 ARCHIVE ~ New Padmasambhava Shrine in Wholesale Team

During 2012 Ivan Trujillo decided to revamp the Wholesale Shrine dedicated to Padmasambhava. It was constructed over a number of weeks, partly during Right Livelihood Meetings with the help of his team, but mostly in any spare time during the day. Here are a few photographs of some stages in its creation.

2012 ARCHIVE ~ Cultivating A Garden

Outside the Warehouse building, is a small fenced off garden. During 2012 Matthew began cultivating organic herbs,squashes and tomatoes inside it  By the end of the Summer were beginning to ripen.
Here are a few photos taken in September 2012.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

2013 ARCHIVE ~ Ordained in 2013

This year the following two people from Windhorse:evolution were ordained.



1990's ARCHIVE ~ Transforming Work

Here's a video commissioned by Windhorse:evolution called Transforming Work, made by Lights in the Sky.

Transforming Work from Lights in the Sky on Vimeo.

2011 ARCHIVE ~ Composer's Competition

Triratna as a Buddhist movement places an emphasis on the role of the arts in refining ones spiritual receptivity and expression. It is also one way we can make explorations into what a genuinely Western Buddhist Culture might be. In 2011 Arthasiddhi after many years of encouraging involvement in choirs, launched a competition to write new pieces for choirs based on a traditional Buddhist text. This video presents the five entrants and their finished choral pieces.

Composers’ Competition: towards a Western Buddhist Culture from windhorse evolution on Vimeo.

2012 ARCHIVE ~ Subhuti Seminar ~ Part Seven

Part Seven ~ Windhorse & Triratna

In the concluding session of the second day, Subhuti addresses the simple question of what Windhorse:evolution has to offer and contribute to the wider Triratna movement.

Windhorse:evolution Seminar Part Eight - Windhorse and Triratna from Subhuti_secretary on Vimeo.

2012 ARCHIVE ~ Subhuti Seminar ~ Part Six

Part Six ~ Intensity and Frenzy

In response to questions raised by workers from Windhorse: evolution, Subhuti discusses the difference between intensity and frenzy, plus the necessity of defining boundaries in order to safeguard things we see as of value or precious.

Windhorse:evolution Seminar Part Six - Intensity and Frenzy from Subhuti_secretary on Vimeo.

2012 ARCHIVE ~ Subhuti Seminar ~ Part Five

Part Five ~ Abstraction and Reality

On the second day of Subhuti's Seminar, discussions arise around spiritual receptivity in a modern business environment.

Windhorse:evolution Seminar Part Five - Abstraction and Reality from Subhuti_secretary on Vimeo.

2012 ARCHIVE ~ Subhuti Seminar ~ Part Four

Part Four ~ Renunciation Vs Engagement

As the first day of the seminar came to a close, Subhuti raises the issue of how Postive Emotion used in the workplace can be a skillful Karma, and how to approach the inevitable tensions that arise between renunciation and social engagement.

Windhorse:evolution Seminar Part Four - Renunciation Vs. Engagement from Subhuti_secretary on Vimeo.

2012 ARCHIVE ~ Subhuti Seminar ~ Part Three

Part Three ~ On the Edge of Sanity

In Part Three of his Seminar, Subhuti presents Sangharakshita's five dimensions of spiritual discipline as a way of evaluating a Team Based Right Livelihood Business.

Windhorse:evolution Seminar Part Three - On the Edge of Sanity from Subhuti_secretary on Vimeo.

2012 ARCHIVE ~ Subhuti Seminar ~ Part Two

Part Two ~ Meaning Transcends Manifestation

In the second part of Subhuti's Seminar the discussion looks at what it means to run a Right Livelihood business, what are the distinctive challenges of it as a practice and an opportunity for realisation?

Windhorse:evolution Seminar Part Two - Meaning Transcends Manifestation from Subhuti_secretary on Vimeo.